How many photographs do we get?

The amount of images totally varies from wedding to wedding but I’ve never given out less than 500 images.

Do you edit them all?

Yes I edit each individual image to my signature style.

Do we own the copyright?

You will own the rights to print & share the images with your friends & family. The commercial copyright will remain with me therefore any wedding suppliers will need to contact me directly if they want to use any of your wedding photographs.

How long will you be at the wedding for?

My full day is around 8 hours which is usually enough time to cover getting ready until the first dance. If you are having a super early ceremony or planning a late first dance then let me know when booking. I can always add hours on for an extra charge.

Do we need to feed you on the day?

If you could speak to the caterers and see if they will provide me with a vendors meal (usually sandwiches) that would be amazing. Wedding venues are often in the middle of nowhere and can make it difficult to grab something. If not please let me know beforehand so I can arrange something myself.

Can we see a full wedding?

Of course! Just ask & I can send you a link to a full wedding gallery.

We hate having our photo taken – will that be an issue?

Not at all! Everyone says this, my style is very relaxed and most of the time you won’t even know you’re being photographed.

We would love a pre-wedding shoot is this possible?

Yes, pre-wedding shoots are £200 when booked with a wedding package. I know lots of gorgeous spots in the local area.

Are there any extra costs for travel?

The travel is included for all UK weddings.

Can our friends & family view the images online?

The images will be uploaded to an online password protected gallery once edited. There they can view & buy them.

How long after the wedding until our pics are ready?

6-8 weeks.

Do you take traditional wedding photographs too?

I will of course take family group shots. These are some of the most important images from your day! I will however try to get them done quickly with your help & this will all be planned before the wedding.

Are you insured?

I am fully insured yes.

What happens if you are ill on our wedding day?

I am part of a huge network of photographers who are there to help each other out should an occasion such as this occur. I have never had to call on them yet but trust me I would have to be literally on deaths door for me to miss your wedding.